A Level Notes

Since graduating from Junior College in 2019, I have provided freelance A Level tuition to JC students and private candidates. I have come to realize that good-quality study resources can go a long way in helping one excel. These are my personal notes that I used while revising for my A Levels, and shared with my students.

If you have any questions, or wish to collaborate, please feel free to contact me.

H1 General Paper All-You-Need-To-Know
Comprehensive GP notes with question types & how to approach them, as well as content for major essay topics.

H2 Economics Essay Points & Evaluation
Common essay points and evaluation, sorted by topics.

H2 Economics Lower-Order CSQ Questions
A compilation of lower-order thinking routine CSQ questions.

H2 Economics Microeconomics Comprehensive Summary
Summary for Microeconomics (J1 content).

H2 Computing Theory Summary
Summary of all topics, including definitions and qualitative answers to past year A Level and Prelim questions.

NTU H3 Semiconductor Physics Lab Report Sample
If you ever need help in writing your graded lab report :')

SAT Notes

I took the SAT in 2018 and achieved a score of 1530. These are my personal notes that I adapted from multiple sources such as ebooks and Khan Academy.

SAT Reading
The Reading section of the new SAT.

SAT Writing and Language
The Writing and Language section of the new SAT.


I am a writer for two Medium publications, Python in Plain English and JavaScript in Plain English. You can find my writings on Medium or DEV.

In my free time, I play Capture the Flag (CTF) competitions with my team, Social Engineering Experts. You can read my CTF writeups here.

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